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The 20 point agreement, also known as the 1951 agreement, is a landmark political accord that was signed on February 20, 1947, between the Indian National Congress and the Nizam of Hyderabad, the then ruler of Hyderabad State. The agreement marked the end of the long-standing conflict between the Indian Union and the princely state of Hyderabad.

Here are the key points of the 20 point agreement that brought peace between the Indian Union and Hyderabad:

1. Hyderabad agreed to join the Indian Union.

2. Hyderabad would cease to be an independent sovereign state and would become a part of the Indian Union.

3. Hyderabad would be granted a status similar to that of the other Indian states.

4. The Nizam would be recognized as the Raj Pramukh of Hyderabad.

5. The Hyderabad State would have a Governor appointed by the President of India.

6. The Hyderabad State would have its own Chief Minister and Council of Ministers.

7. The Hyderabad State would have its own legislature.

8. Hyderabad agreed to recognize the Constitution of India as the supreme law of the land.

9. Hyderabad would participate in the election of the President of India.

10. Hyderabad agreed to merge its armed forces with the Indian Army.

11. Hyderabad would merge its railways and other transport services with those of India.

12. Hyderabad agreed to merge its postal and telegraph services with those of India.

13. Hyderabad would harmonize its administrative and economic policies with those of India.

14. Hyderabad would adopt the Indian currency system.

15. Hyderabad would cede certain territories to India.

16. Hyderabad would pay its share of the national debt of India.

17. Hyderabad would have the right to raise its own revenues and taxes.

18. Hyderabad would retain its own civil and criminal laws.

19. Hyderabad would retain its own educational system.

20. Hyderabad would have its own High Court.

The 20 point agreement was a historic milestone in India`s journey towards national integration. It brought the princely state of Hyderabad, which had been a thorn in the side of the Indian Union for many years, into the fold of the Indian Union. Today, Hyderabad is a prosperous and thriving city that is an integral part of India`s economic and cultural landscape. The 20 point agreement stands as a testament to the power of dialogue and negotiation in resolving even the most complex and long-standing conflicts. It remains an important landmark in India`s history, and a reminder of the importance of unity, tolerance, and cooperation in building a strong and vibrant nation.